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Industrial Diseases

Industrial diseases and workplace illnesses occur after coming into contact with a harmful substance or environment in the workplace.

If you develop an illness which you believe has been caused by work or connected to your job, you should seek medical advice immediately. If the doctor confirms that your illness has been caused by work then please contact us to discuss making a claim for compensation.

Common types of industrial diseases/illnesses:

  • a disease caused by working with asbestos
  • work related asthma
  • chronic bronchitis or emphysema
  • industrial deafness
  • vibration white finger
  • pneumoconiosis (including silicosis and asbestosis)
  • tenosynovitis (swelling over the tendon)

An industrial disease/illness claim must be filed to the court within 3 years of initial knowledge of the condition, usually by being diagnosed by a doctor.

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